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3 simple rules for living happily ever after (with your white sofa).

January 13, 2017

Over a year ago, Justin and I made one of the most audacious decisions of our lives: we bought a white linen sofa set.

Our beautiful set was delivered shortly after we had begun building the coffered ceiling in our living room. The quintuple trimmed coffer took us much longer to finish than anticipated, and the sofa set was left double wrapped for months.

By the time we were ready to unwrap it, I had already forgotten which color we had picked. "The sofa isn't white, is it?" I said to Justin. "Umm, I thought it is."

"That is preposterous!" I said. "Why would we buy white sofas? We have 2 dogs! And we eat on the couch every night!"

I was ready write this off as our worst design blunder of 2016.

It is now 2017, and I'm pretty proud to say our white sofas have survived us, the couple who seldom clean, and live on their sofas.

Turns out, living with white sofa can be really easy if you follow these 3 rules:

1. Oops-proof it.

How? Well, if you are shopping for a white sofa, then try to find a slipcovered version of the one you've been eying.  Slipcover offers the flexibility that traditional upholstery can't compete: it can be removed for cleaning!

If you already have an upholstered white sofa and want to live more casually on it, it's always a good investment to have a slipcover made or DIY a white slipcover so your sofa is oops-proof.

Another trick to oops-proofing your white sofa and amp up the #hygge meter for your home is to throw a lot of throws on it!

2. Don't sweat the little things.
(a little glass-half-full attitude helps too!)

If you are as addicted to the home/interior design sites/blogs/TV shows like I am, you may feel like you need to keep your home picture perfect at all times so you can live a happy, stylish life like Joanna Gaines.

The truth is, a picture perfect life doesn't always need to be picture perfect.

As much as I'd like to see our living room like this everyday...

It actually looks like this every night...

And occasionally, I find my beautiful pillows being used to build a fort...

Have I found crumbs on the sofa? Yes of course. Have I seen (doggy) butt stains or paw prints on the cushions? You bet I have (nothing a little Clorox or a dip in the bleach can't fix & disinfect!).

Do I get bothered by it? Absolutely not.

As much as I enjoy our home when it's looking clean and beautiful, I enjoy it even more when it's lived the way that we like it--cozy, comfortable, and relaxed.

A few crumbs here and there and a pile of constantly misplaced and deformed pillows are just true reflections of how much we're enjoying and getting the use out of our white sofas!

3. Have a plan B.

If you've tried the above and still find yourself biting your lip every time you look at your white sofa... It may be time for plan B: ditch your white sofa.

It doesn't mean that it's time for the sofa to hit the curb, but instead, dye it!

I'm a big fan of dying fabrics but haven't personally tried to dye our white slipcovers for an obvious reason--we're still loving ours! But, I've played with fabric dye enough to say that it's a tried and true saving grace for whites that no longer work for you! (If it worked for the stained, old tee's I reclaimed to make clothes out of, it will work for your slipcover too!)

Fabric dyes... natural or synthetic? As eager as I am to try my hands in making plant-based natural dye because it's organic and seems like a lot of fun, I am not sure it'd be the best choice for slipcovers unless you're already a pro at it. It's less permanent and less wash-fast compared to synthetic dyes. Synthetic dyes like Rit Dye (for natural fabrics) or Rit DyeMore (for natural and synthetic fabrics) are fairly easy to use and foolproof. 
Where to buy: Amazon carries them but their prices seem a bit higher. I recommend checking out Jo-Ann or Michael's if there is a store near you, or get them online. If you're buying online, don't forget to take advantage of rebate programs from  TopCashbackEbates, or Giving Assistant for 1 to 2% cashback on your purchases at these two stores!

There, it's just that simple to live happily ever after with your white sofa!  Are you ready to pull the trigger on the one you've been coveting too?

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