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Finding Foreverland.

January 29, 2017
We'd like to build something that's everything we'll ever want, somewhere where we'll want to stay forever.
You know the feeling you get when you want to tell someone this wild dream or idea you have, that excitement you can hardly contain, mixed with the anxiety that the response you may get is that you're crazy?

This is what I'm feeling right now.

The year was 2012, when Justin and I lived in the San Francisco Bay area.

Like many Bay area couples, we lived in a small little apartment with a view to our neighbor's window. Like many Bay area couples, we try to get out of the city whenever we could on the weekends, to slow down our fast paced lives, and to be reminded that there is a bigger world beyond Silicon Valley.
A spontaneous decision for a weekend getaway in Mendocino in February was the breath of fresh air we needed. It was 3.5 hours away from the city, yet the small, quiet seaside town felt like it was a world away.

We only stayed for the night and left the next day, but something about that weekend that sparked a dream:

We'd like to build something that's everything we'll ever want, somewhere where we'll want to stay forever.

We have been discussing what that something means ever since.

Turns out, defining everything we'll ever want is a soul searching journey in itself. Along the way, we learned a lot about ourselves, about each other, about our priorities, and about being patient.

Like our house designs, our dream has gone through many iterations of define, refine and redefine. It is still work in progress. We hope we'll get there, but even if we don't, at least someday we'll get to look back and know that at least we tried... 😉

We've discussed more how we may want to utilize the rooftop deck. One idea Justin had is to have a greenhouse for pottable plants and seasonal vegetables. We agreed that if this is what we'll be doing the roof will have to be designed to handle heavier loads. (Note to future self!)

It always takes me awhile to design the kitchen. It is the heart of the home and one place we have a hard time compromising on. While the final design may look simple, coming up with a cabinetry design and placement to enable the kitchen to look clutter-free at all time took me awhile.

foreverland white house concept kitchen solera homes

One of my favorite feature in the kitchen is the banquette seating and the herb planter.

The kitchen opens to the entry area to the living room. The entry area has a feature wall lined with grey washed planks and barn lights to showcase our collection of maps/pictures/artwork.

foreverland white house concept living solera homes

The living room space is optimized for 2 people to relax and 2 furry doggies to cuddle. The open concept again flows between the living room and the bedroom. A set of heavy linen drapes and wood beam creates a non-intrusive separation that defines the 2 spaces.

foreverland white house concept living  solera homes

Last but not least, the studio.

foreverland white house concept studio solera homes

Since finishing these renderings, we've made some additional changes as different ideas/requirements came up. It's possible that by the time we find our foreverland to build our forver home, it'll look nothing like this initial concept. But it's always fun to dream, to have that dream mature with us, and to have a goal that we work hard for.

Someday, we will find our forverland.

Thanks for reading! Do you have dreams that you are too shy to share too? (*whisper* This is a safe place to share!)

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