Hello, I'm Sharon.

I'm an optimist, a happy person, an imperfect perfectionist, a professional problem solver, a city girl who enjoys life in the country, an engineer turned home designer, and a hopeless coziness & comfort addict.

Thanks for being here! Please make yourself comfortable!

Hide and seek.

January 7, 2017

Sometimes the world feels like a lonely place.
Sometimes it seems like no one understands.
Sometimes we feel so tired... of everything.
Sometimes we just want to hide.

It's ok...
It's ok to feel sad, depressed, exhausted... to feel like wanting to give up.
It's ok to want a little space, a little alone time to lick the wound and heal.

Just know that...
Even though it seems like this feeling will never go away, it eventually will.
Be ready to open our heart when someone reaches out...

...to remind us that no matter what,
someone cares about us,
and someone loves us.

We're never alone.

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