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Memory lane: Valentine's day 2016.

January 12, 2017

Ok, I admit, I'm a bit of a moody holiday decorator. Not so much the throwing things on the floor when things don't go my way kind of moody, just that I'm not always that committed to decorate for the holidays or special occasions unless it feels right.  When the mood strikes, that is.

Soon after we got back from the Christmas/New Years holidays, our local Safeway waited no time to remind us that Valentine's day is fast approaching with all the red teddy bears and chocolates in heart shaped boxes... even though it's still more than a month away.

I feel bad for the people working in retail as they cannot catch a break from one holiday throw-up display to another, but I guess it's good for the business. You want to remind people to consume, consume, consume. No better excuses to do that than celebrating some special day(s).

With that cynical note, I hereby declaring that I am not decorating for this Valentine's day. Though this isn't because I'm suddenly anti-holiday-decorating, just that this year we have other priorities that'll be squeezing my brain juice... 😅

I can't help but to reminisce our tablescape from last year though. So here's a walk down the memory lane on Valentine's Day 2016 at the Beckham house...

I like to revisit things I did in the past, include decorating, and think about if there's something I would have done differently next time.

In this particular case, as much as I love the moss table runner for its organic, whimsical touch, it was a mess to set out (it sheds more than Peanut!), and wasn't so comfortable for the elbows (better table manners may address that, but that's not what we're about!).

The red glass hearts remain to be one of my favorite things in my "embellishments" drawer, and so are the Italian ceramic cheeseboards that I used here as chargers.

I have a mental block for accumulating things so I reuse pieces all the time. While it may seem a little boring predictable efficient to have the same thing over and over again, for me, it's part of minimalist living without giving up the fun of decorating!

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day? Cooking? Cleaning? Tablescaping for the special day/night?

For us, since it's falling on a Tuesday, and in staying true to our lazy selves, we'll likely be doing this...

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