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Nutella puff pastry waffle, round 1

January 8, 2017
A couple of days ago this Food52 article "The Best Thing You Can Put in Your Waffle Maker Is Puff Pastry Dough" showed up on my Facebook feed.

Flaky, buttery puff pastry in the form of a waffle?  Mind.  Blown.

I'm a firm believer that food porn is not to be enjoyed alone, so immediately I shared the link with Justin.

"We have to try this."

So we did.  We went and bought a pack of frozen puff pastry sheets and made it the highlight of our Sunday.  We decided to challenge ourselves with the deluxe version of this god-sent brunch goodness.

This is 1 puff pastry sheet in its raw, frozen state.  This will make us 2 flaky, buttery, Nutella-filled waffles, each around 500-600 calories.  Not bad for something this good.

Happiness in the making.

Oh yeah baby. Spread it real good.

"Should I put it in now?" Justin asked.

That's what he said.

(It's always appropriate to be inappropriate when cooking with your significant other.)

And it only gets more exciting from here.  Oh my... Food porn action shots!

It's gonna explode!

After 12 minutes of steam and sizzles, our Nutella puff pastry waffles are finally ripe for the picking.  (We doubled the time on it since it was 2 layers of dough to cook through.)

We dressed our waffles up with a little powdered sugar for added sweetness and blueberries for the freshness.  It's always good to have a little antioxidant.

I immediately dug in after taking that last photo.

Even Peanut wants some!

And I ate even more.

Are you as convinced as I was that this creative brunch item was mouth-watering, finger-licking, mmm-mmm good?

Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

We couldn't even finish just one waffle!

As good as the idea is, the result was just too greasy to eat.  And this is coming from 2 people who love their southern style deep fried chicken.  We figured perhaps it was because the double layer was simply too much, so we'll try this again next weekend with just 1 layer.  But it's also possible that this recipe is actually not that good...

Follow up: Round of our Nutella puff pastry test!

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