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January 19, 2017
That's right, I'm starting my own holiday. #jointhefun

Life has in a bit of a pickle lately. The part of my life where I still wear the hat of a Corporate America Worker Bee, I should clarify.

Even as I make the move to steer myself away from my last 15 years of work history in public companies, I still can't help to feel disappointed in how the industry works. How people are mere accounting numbers, that can be slashed and zeroed out whenever an investor wants the company to do so to grow shareholder value.

The last time I checked, nothing in this world grows indefinitely, and yet that's what Wall Street expects of every public company. Whenever something keeps growing and growing, like cancer, it eventually kills its host, like how we've observed in so many great businesses.

I often wonder what the world has become.

It's moments like this, I channel my disappointment and frustration into positive energy and the effort to starting and developing our own small business. A good ol' mom-and-pop shop, big enough to allow us get by and still have spares to help those in need, yet small enough to stay true to our believes: friendly, loyal, and always around.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, I'd like to introduce something I've been working on: my first printed design collection for Valentine's Day.

Making cards was a family tradition growing up. I remember every year, every occasion, every important family birthday, my mom would get us to hand make greeting cards. It didn't take long before a simple drawing that says Happy (special)day into a full-on design project with mix media, different crafting techniques, and a little competition.

It was one of the fondest memories of my childhood.

Many years later, designing/making cards still hold a special place in my heart. And what better time to rekindle that passion than starting my first design collection for the day to celebrate love?

I hope you enjoy these designs or feel inspired to make a card for your valentine this year too!

PS. Most of these designs can be customized to include your personal message or even picture!

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