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Why wait?

January 11, 2017

A few days ago I took this picture while our part of Colorado was enchantingly covered in fresh new powder.

Though going to the backyard first thing in the morning is our doggies' daily routine, the word "adventure" came to mind.  I thought I'd wait to share this picture in a blog post inspired by adventures.

A day after this photo was taken, ideas inspired by adventures didn't come.  Life was as ordinary as the day before.  The weather warmed up and the crystal flakes lost its sparkle and turned into puddles.

Another day has passed, life remained ordinary.  We woke up to work, we fed ourselves (and the doggies), we slept.  No inspirations.  The puddles have all but evaporated into the thin air.

Today, I looked up at the bright blue, vast Coloradan sky.   It suddenly hit me.

Life in itself is an adventure.  

While I was waiting for something more than that, days have passed, and I might have already missed some beautiful scenery along the way.

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